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Sky Ferreira
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Everything we know about Sky Ferreira’s new album

Bondage influences? Eighties power ballads? Here’s the lowdown on her forthcoming record ‘Masochism’

If you’ve been spending as much time on the Internet as we have, you’ll know that LA’s dark pop priestess Sky Ferreira has an album Masochism peeking its head around the curtain, and we couldn’t be more excited. Her debut My Time, Night Time saw her transform from a label-moulded teen into an assured, formidable musician with a handful of idiosyncratic, black-hearted pop gems. And if the below is anything to go by, Masochism is set to be just as undeniable, so here's a rundown of everything we know about it so far...


Last month, Sky Ferreira revealed two insane painted bondage-style illustrations on Instagram with the title of her upcoming album Masochism scrawled beneath. According to the caption, artist Lucas David painted the visuals, which include a girl with a leather collar on a lead, as well as somebody wearing a balaclava (above). However, as Sky was quick to point out, the art will not appear on the cover of the album, although Lucas David will be heavily involved with the Masochism album artwork, alongside director Grant Singer


Okay, so we know Sky was probably joking about getting Kate Moss to channel those Britney circa 2007 vibes at the beginning of the album (unfortunately), but there will be some unlikely inputs in Masochism. Last year, the singer revealed she’d been working with Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie and Andrew Innes on new material. “The reason I like working with them is because there’s absolutely no pressure,” she explained to Billboard. “We just sit and write in a room…it’s really nice to meet with someone and not be disappointed by it, to have them meet every expectation.” She will also be working with producers Ariel Rechtshaid and Justin Raisen, who she previously enlisted for her debut album, as well as Rahki, who produced Kendrick Lamar's "i". 


Way back when, Sky Ferreira posted this video of herself performing a sweeping, drama-soaked new track with big, eighties-style drumbeats and a tear-stained chorus to rival Roxette’s. Six months later she shared a snippet of the same song with the caption “GUARDIAN IS COMING OUT THIS SUMMER”, before confirming on twitter that "Guardian" would be the first single of her new album. Despite (or maybe because of) the fact this track makes us want to sing into a hairbrush in the mirror really loudly, we know we’re going to love it already. Release the dry ice!


Remember t.A.T.u? That faux lipstick lesbian duo that were kind of awful but also really good but in a bad way? Last September, Sky Ferreira teased her followers on twitter by hinting at collaboration between her and Charli XCX saying that it will “sound very TATU”, which is great news for lovers of early noughties-style Euro-club bangers. The collaboration didn’t end up on Charlie XCX’s Sucker, so will it end up on Masochism? Is that just wishful thinking?


Whilst we were waiting for the first single and video from Masochism to be released, Sky posted a statement on her Tumblr to explain that there would be a delay due to health issues and timing. “I originally planned on releasing the video for “Guardian” sometime in August. Due to everyone’s schedule it as impossible to do so,” she explained. “It’s the first song I’m releasing since Night Time, My Time. It is a very big deal for me and a whole new chapter musically/visually/mentally… I had a bit of health issues within the last few months so I needed to get better before I started releasing and playing shows again.” 

And although health issues are something we’ve all had to deal with at some point, there was some subtle shade in the way it was reported, with Pitchfork putting the the term “health issues” in speech marks, as if to discredit what she was saying. Sky Ferreira was quick to call them out, tweeting: “@pitchfork Weird. Morrissey/Dan Deacon/Sufjan Stevens/Passion Pit health issues aren't mentioned in quotes? #"Health" In the words of most of her followers: "YAAASSSS!"

Watch the video for "Everything is Embarrassing" below.