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Angel Haze
Angel Hazevia

Listen to Angel Haze’s fiery new breakup track

“I felt like I was in a situation where I was not allowed to be myself and I’ve broken free”

We love Angel Haze – so much so, that we dedicated an entire day to them last year. So when the rapper changed their twitter handle to “28July” earlier this month, we stared at the computer screen and patiently waited for something to drop.

That “something” has now arrived in the shape of “Impossible”, a ridiculously hard and heavy, bass-clattering banger which will appear on their new album Back to the Woods, out next month. The track was premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC radio 1 show last night, where the rapper explained that they’d spent the last few months going “a little bit crazy”, saying: “I actually just went through a weird breakup, but I also did a lot of stupid stuff… my brother, who is producing the whole project was like, ‘just let yourself out!’ so I let myself out and it feels like a caged animal running towards you.”

“Self expression is so important to me, and personal freedom drives my music now. I felt like I was in a situation where I was not allowed to be myself in the past two years or so, and I’ve broken free from a lot of things, changed a lot of things, and now I’ve got my soul back. That’s what my record is all about.” Haze then added: “You’ve got to wait until you hear the next stuff. It’s really different because there’s singing on it. There are so many different feels because I feel so many different ways.” Have a listen to your favourite new track below.