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Michele Lamy
Michele LamyPhotography Matthew Stone, taken from Dazed's November 2013 issue

Michele Lamy’s ultimate playlist for outsiders

From the snarling beats of Eminem to punk pioneer Malcolm McLaren, fashion’s most inimitable muse shares the sounds of her icons

Michele Lamy is one of half of fashion’s most darkly enigmatic, rock 'n' roll duo, the other being her husband, and menswear icon Rick Owens. But Lamy’s presence extends far beyond this formidable, cult collaboration. The creative polymath has also rapped with Zebra Katz, starred in a video with FKA twigs and gallery-cruised with A$AP Rocky. And that’s without mentioning the fact that she’s also been a criminal lawyer, a cabaret singer and an influential artist all in one breath.

Last Saturday, Michele Lamy hosted a one-day multi-sensory event at Barbican Art Gallery for Station to Station. Following the occasion, we thought we’d get the fashion outsider to curate a playlist of her ultimate music icons. And how do you define an icon? According to what she told Dazed: “When it happens, you just know that nobody else will be like them and they mark their time.” We’re not sure what we expected, but her selection is brilliantly off-the-wall, from 1960s' civil rights heroes The Last Poets to grunge’s darling Courtney Love to the clunky techno king Function and punk pioneer Malcolm McLaren. Just like Lamy herself, it's a genre-defying collection that fizzles with life.