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Ass Pizza

Watch NYC’s fashion kings trapped in a trippy digital world

Shayne Oliver, Mike the Ruler and Asspizza all show up in F.Virtue’s surreal space, along with looks from Moschino, Balmain and Nasir Mazhar

HBA’s Shayne Oliver and teenage fashion muse Mike the Ruler don’t yet know that they appear in F.Virtue’s new 3D video, but New York’s fashion scene leaves a major mark on the rapper’s new single "Orange Juice". F.Virtue’s work is confessional and confrontational, addressing big questions over vaporwave-inspired productions. In "Orange Juice" he asks himself if "everything is OK?" before agreeing that it (probably) is.

Speaking to Dazed, 25-year old F.Virtue says that "the lines between fashion and music don’t actually exist, unless we’re purposefully separating them. Living in New York, I’m literally next to my favourite designers all the time. We’re not friends, but it gives me this reinforced sense of just how connected everybody is, and how accessible everyone is, despite the levels we may perceive them to be on. It’s inspiring, really, to see how people are living out their dreams."

The 3D Paolo Forchetti-directed video for "Orange Juice" places the city’s fashion kings in a surreal space full of Versace duvet covers, Nasir Mazhar T-shirts and Moschino high heels. But is everything OK in here? F.Virtue says that while the song and the video are intended to be seen as an ode, they also act as a comment on the whirlpool nature of The Big Apple.

"There is a strong movement going on in NY and everyone wants to be a part of it, but not everyone is," he says. "But whether you know these people or not, you won’t be fruitful in your endeavours unless you’re true to yourself and create unique and honest art, despite how much you name drop. So this song is like a letter to an artist who started out real, but lost themselves in the fantasy, and it's trying to bring them back. NY can do that sometimes."

Check it out below – F. Virtue's latest album A Single Green Light is available for free download here and for sale on limited hydra-printed USB lanyards here.