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Has PC Music just reached its corporate peak?

SOPHIE's track ‘Lemonade’ was featured in a McDonald’s advert – this is surely what the collective wanted all along?

This is surely peak PC Music isn’t it? Inhabiting an irony so ironic that it’s spilled over into real-life non-ironic, actual commercialism? That was always the point, wasn’t it? Whatever the point was (we can’t quite remember what it was), PC Music-affiliated producer SOPHIE has just lent his track “Lemonade” to a McDonald’s advert for… lemonade. He’s inverted consumerism so hard that he’s selling consumerism. The uber-synthetic, candy-coated dance track was one of the best of last year – if we were McDonald’s, we’d be using it to sell fizzy drinks too.

This isn’t the first time the producer has lent his brain to a big name brand. Last year, SOPHIE teamed up with Mad Decent’s ultra-pop princess Liz for “When I Rule the World”, which was promptly premiered on an online ad for a new Samsung Galaxy phone. And who could forget PC Music’s peroxide pop superstar QT (the musical equivalent of S1m0ne) and her ‘QT Energy Elixer’ – XL Recordings' answer to Red Bull. This truly is peak PC Music; burger giants, phone companies and energy drinks. Where is there to go from here?

As good things always come in threes, SOPHIE has probably still got one more corporate venture up his sleeve. What version of consumer-core are we going to see next? Watch the McDonald’s ad below, an ad that could just as easily be PC Music promo.