Throwing Shade made a music video for the female gaze

'You always see loads of hot girls in music videos, so I just wanted to make one full of hot boys'

Following on from last year's "Sweet Tooth", a candy-themed love song with a video full of hot men getting slathered in actual candy, Throwing Shade – aka London-based artist Nabihah Iqbal – is back (alongside Emily Bee), and she's ready to objectify even more dudes. "Honeytrap", the lead single from her latest EP for No Pain In Pop, is a sort of sequel to "Sweet Tooth", with its playful refrain all about licking honey off your lips; and the video is in the same vein too. Cast your mind back to all the music videos you've ever seen where a fully clothed male artist plays protagonist while the periphery is full of writhing, half-naked women. This time, Throwing Shade plays that central role, while half-naked men bask in beds of fruit and honey. 

"You always see loads of hot girls being presented to the viewer in a 'sexual' way in music videos, and it's never the other way around," Iqbal told Dazed. "So I just wanted to make a music video full of hot boys, being presented in what could be interpreted as a 'sexual' manner, but not explicitly so. I wanted all the colours and textures to work with the sounds in an evocative way to produce something beautiful and suggestive, without being crass." Nailed it.

Throwing Shade's Fate Xclusive EP is out on May 25 via No Pain In Pop; pre-order on iTunes here