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David Cameron to use Tidal to soundtrack election campaign

The British PM is working with Jay Z and Kanye to provide the official music to the Tory re-election push

David CameronKim Kardashian's 13th cousin and Prime Minister of the UK, is calling on his family connections to help soundtrack his election campaign. D-Cam has enlisted the help of Jay Z and Kanye West to soundtrack the Tories' bid to retain power in government this May.

The "high quality audio" streaming service Tidal launched on Monday, the same day that political campaigning really seemed to begin in earnest. As a close cousin of Kim, Cameron has an easy inroad to working with the brand.

"Over the years my attempts to align myself with music's elite have been pretty unsuccessful," he said, referring to Johnny Marr forbidding him to like the Smiths and Thom Yorke denying he played "Fake Plastic Trees" for him at a gig. "Now, hip-hop seems cool, so I'm obviously keen to get involved."

The PM shouldn't find himself batting off any anti-Cameron polemic with Tidal, a company that absolutely adores all kinds of famous people, from Madonna to Deadmau5. Plus, Cameron's recent revelations that he's related to the Kardashians have curried him favour with Kanye, who is now set to work with Jay Z on exclusive material for David Cameron to strut onstage to at Conservative party conferences.

In return for Kanye and Jay creating original audio content, Cameron has offered exclusive streaming rights on "fresh stuff he's been messing with on Ableton", music that Cameron humbly describes as "just a bit of fun", but Jay Z is adamant has "real club potential".