FEMME channels her inner tomboy for ‘S.O.S.’ video

The pink-haired popstar and pal of Charli XCX performs her stomping new anthem in her Dad’s jeans

Fresh from supporting Charli XCX on tour and being labelled “fashion's favourite new pop star” by VogueFEMME is on all the right radars. Catch her quite literally blazing a trail in her brand new video for single “S.O.S.” – a song that sounds like summer come early, with FEMME's trademark stomping percussion and euphoric choruses. For her “most ambitious video to date,” the London singer-songwriter took to the fields with flares under one arm and some cute girl group dance moves under the other, ready to embody a 2015 update of Girl Power. “I wanted to shoot a video with an overarching sense of strength and power,” she tells Dazed. “I was channelling my inner 80s tomboy, and in fact, the jeans I'm wearing used to be my Dad's.”

ZTT will release “S.O.S.” on 4 May