Stream TR/ST’s darkly euphoric new single ‘Slug’

Have an existential crisis at the disco with the Canadian artist’s smokescreen synths

Even the most euphoric of moments from Canadian one-man-band TR/ST (aka Robert Alfons) often feel strangely introspective. On his new single “Slug,” following on from the twisted joy of last year’s Joyland LP, Alfons stands alone behind a smokescreen of synths and a driving beat, with that iconic voice just a little bit out of reach. “The themes are desolate,” Alfons told Dazed back in 2012; “It’s about control and all the gazing afterwards...all the little blooms that creep within.” With “Slug,” he’s more in control of that world and its creeping blooms than ever; it’s an existential crisis at the disco, punctuated by spoken-word reflections and crunchy, distorted breakdowns that add a dangerous counterpoint to a fist-pumping rhythm. Get lost inside it above.