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Ghostpoet combines riot grrrl with Aphex Twin in a new mix

The London musician mashes up the tracks inspiring his new album and talks about his collaboration with Topman

Topman and Ghostpoet have spent the last few weeks enlisting creative contributions for his new video. He’s been exercising his ear – and eye – for storytelling, by inviting artists to offer creative contributions that inspire and excite them via Twitter and Instagram, to be used in his new video, “X Marks The Spot.” Inspired by Felix Cooper, Kim Laughton, and Natalia Stuyk's contributions, nearly 4,000 of you sent over artwork, illustration, digital images and photos. Ghostpoet and his people will be narrowing these down to build up a collage for his new single's video but for now Dazed has selected a handful of our favourites which you can check out above.To peep the full shortlist from the first #OpenShoot project head to Ahead of that visual trip, though, you can creep into the man's mind as he mixes the tracks inspiring his new album, from Zun Zun to Can, and read what he's saying about this unique collaboration below.

What has the process of seeing your influence over other artists been like?

Ghostpoet: It’s been great, to view other peoples ideas and creativity, and looking at stuff that is inspired potentially by my music, through videos, painting, drawings. It’s been a case of going through these ideas and finding what will work and what won't. It’s been quite personal, and it’s nice to be given an opportunity to spot creativity.

Do you feel like you’re witnessing a new generation of creatives?

Ghostpoet: I guess I am. I’ve just been taking them all in. Without the internet, it wouldn’t have been possible and it’s a really intriguing process. Usually you don’t see how your music speaks to people, but I guess I’m seeing that now.

How does it feel taking a step back from the usual process of creating a video’s aesthetic?

Ghostpoet: It’s like a publicly floated company – I’m still the major shareholder! I’m always seeking out creative ideas and creative ways to see a visual. In this case, there has been a bit of stepping back but that’s good sometimes because it allows me to concentrate on making music.

What have you learned from the contributions you’ve seen so far?

Ghostpoet: It’s just been inspiring, not only for this video but going forward, seeing people’s different views on life, and the world, and music – in this instance, my music. Every new bit of knowledge and information you come across helps us as human beings, and I’m privileged to be able to see people creating work first hand. I guess I’m lucky to be able to witness talent first hand, and to play a small part inspiring other people’s work.

What are your musical and political inspirations for the new album, Shedding Skin?

Ghostpoet: I restricted myself to the elements of bass guitar, drums and electric guitar. I wanted to make something a bit more immediate: something that was inspired by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The National, Interpol, TV On The Radio, which I was listening to. I wanted it to be 'of the moment'. For me, we’re going through a strange time, where it’s difficult to live, and I wanted to get that across to a certain extent. It’s not politically focused exactly, but it is informed by change and what I’ve seen happening across the world. I’m just as inspired by the world around me as the artists who are sending me their work, and it’s good to see how we’re all expressing what we see.


Amsterdam Kiezmer Band – "Blue Hora"

Zun Zun Egui – "I Want You To Know"

Aphex Twin – "diskhat1"

LA Preist – "Oino"

LCD Soundsystem – "Get Innocuous!"

Drums Of Death – "Calloutchaname"

Hiatus Kaiyote – "By Fire"

FEWS – "If Things Go On Like This"

Funk Butcher – "Funk x Trim"

Interpol – "Length of Love"

The Bohicas – "Swarm"

Rat Boy – "Sportswear"

Heaven 17 – "(We Don't Need This) Facist Groovething"

Can – "One More Night"

The Notas – "Sick In Sin"

Check out the YouTube channel and head to to see the full selection of the creative submissions as well as for more information on #OpenShoot