Loyle Carner carries the weight of the world in new video

The SE London rapper captures the complexity of grief in a single, striking image for his choked-up track "BFG"

Loyle Carner's "BFG" is the opening track from his breakthrough 2014 EP A Little Lateand it's a brutally real introduction to the 20-year-old south London rapper's world. Written for his father Steven Vengeance, who passed away suddenly on this day (February 24) last year, it features Carner choking up over a simple, soulful beat, faltering on the lines “of course I'm fucking sad,/I miss my fucking dad”. It's a song that captures grief in its rawest, most direct form, and so to mark the anniversary of his dad's death, Carner has directed a visual for "BFG" himself. The black and white clip, which you can watch above, features the artist carrying his younger brother on his shoulders and juggling while he raps, the world gradually getting heavier and more chaotic all around him; "The video quite literally shows the new weight on my shoulders with me having to step up and take his place," Loyle tells Dazed. "The idea for the video came about from my mum saying she felt like I was carrying the weight of the world."

Videography by Billy Bull, Rhodri Thomas and Ursula Underhill