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Laura Groves
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Stream Laura Groves’ straight-talking EP

The London-based songwriter returns with a collection of glimmering 70s-influenced pop songs

“Anti-language,” as singer-songwriter Laura Groves explains below, is a way of speaking that's actually designed to prevent communication; a way of talking without talking. On her second EP for DEEK Recordings, the London-via-Yorkshire artist FKA Blue Roses tries to shed those barriers and speak in a more forthright way than ever before. Committed Language is a collection of songs as shimmering as they are tough, dropping the "Mystique" and using traditional-yet-enchanting song structures to speak directly to the heart. It's also one of Groves' best releases to date: real talk. Stream it in full and read our catch-up below. 

How were you feeling when you made this EP?

Laura Groves: I was feeling in quite a state of flux; a lot of things in my life were changing and I wanted to make something quite direct and succinct as a sort of antidote to that. The previous EP was more about creating a reflective and dream-like atmosphere.  

What does the phrase ‘Committed Language’ mean to you?

Laura Groves: It started with an article I read about the term “language isolate” – a language that has no genetic relatives – and “anti-language” which actually serves to distinguish its speakers from others and prevent outsiders from understanding. Somewhere out of that, I came up with the title, and it stuck.

It's really about feeling under pressure to give a strong, definitive answer…and feeling unable to do so. But also trying to get better at being straightforward and to the point, not oblique and cryptic when it comes to talking about feelings. It's about seeing the world very differently to somebody and trying to learn their “language.”  

There's a 70s vibe to these songs. What have you been listening to mostly?

Laura Groves: I listen to all sorts, but my favourite songwriters tend to be people like Todd Rundgren, Bill Nelson, Arthur Russell…people who have a very singular voice and often record/produce themselves. I love music that's a bit off-kilter. I do love a lot of '70s songwriting – I like the idea of being adventurous with harmony and rhythm but still trying to craft a pop song out of it.

What else are you working on at the moment; is there more Nautic material to come?

Laura Groves: I'm writing and recording new songs of my own, and trying to integrate a bit of travelling into that process. I think there's definitely more Nautic material to be captured - it'll happen when the stars align and we all find ourselves in the same room together!

Committed Language is released on February 19 via DEEK; order it here