Woman's Hour portray twins for their ‘Devotion’ video

The dreamy UK pop outfit give a tear-tempting vision of sibling intamacy

“You fill me with devotion, take me in your open arms.” There’s a poignant sense of near loneliness, almost unhappiness, in the monochrome visual for “Devotion”. Taken from London-based foursome Woman’s Hour’s debut album Conversations, director Weronika Tofilska’s vision – “1+1=1, blurring the line between you and I, the idea of two people being in complete sync, mirroring and shadowing each other” – cleverly uses a number of pairs of twins to naturally communicate themes of “closeness, dependency, love and trust.”

In the emotive visual, two girls appear with their backs to us, shifting positions, before subtly turning to smile as the other offers comfort. “We used minimal props and staging to make the focus on the subjects, almost as still life portraits”, Woman’s Hour’s vocalist Fiona Burgess says. “As well as looking identical, they have a constant lifetime loyalty to each other that’s unlike any other relationship.” In Fiona’s brilliantly haunting Warpaint-like vocal, the lyrics turn full-on rapt near the 3-minute mark; “I know when you’re with me, everything becomes easy”, she sings as the twins shake off their worries, and hair. “Their movements are subtle so that the viewer’s focus is on the tinniest movements. That seemed to compliment the song”, Fiona explains. “It's often the smallest gestures that speak volumes.”