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RiFF RAFF will take you to the prom for $28,000

Forget a designer dress, what kids really need for their high school dance is the rap game James Franco

Times are tough for musicians in the business, but RiFF RAFF (née Jody Christian, aka the rap game Pat Sajak, aka the rap game Dawson's Creek) has come up with one innovative way to combine fundraising and meeting the fans. For $28,000, he is offering to take you to the prom. Why rent a ballgown when you can rent the rap game James Franco, right?

RiFF RAFF posted the advertisement for his services on Instagram with the words "PULL UP TO YOUR PROM iN A LAMBORGHiNi WiTH JODY HiGHROLLER FOR $28,000 MUST BE 18+" and the email address for his booking agency.

Behold, the full RiFF RAFF prom package:

The rapper did not go on to specify what would happen in "THE BEST PENTHOUSE SUiTE iN TOWN". When Dazed met him for the cover shoot of our January 2013 issue, he licked our reporter's hand, compared himself to the Loch Ness Monster, and at one point threw a cooking pot filled with Trix cereal over his balcony, screaming “breakfast coming!” in a hillbilly voice

Kids, you are in for a treat.