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Death Grips Fashion Week album artwork
The cover art for Death Grips' Fashion Week

Death Grips drop surprise instrumental album

Fashion Week has appeared on the band's website and YouTube account

Have Death Grips actually split up? Despite the napkin that did the rounds back in July announcing that Death Grips was no more, the band has since continued to drop new music, you know, just like any other still-functioning band.

Fashion Week is the latest Death Grips release, a 14-track instrumental with each song titled "Runway" followed by a letter. When all songs are assembled in order, the letters create the phrase "JENNY DEATH WHEN". This release is presumably not to be confused with Jenny Death, the second instalment of the Death Grips album The Powers That B, that's rumoured to be coming out in February.

See? This is a lot of music being released by a band that's broken up. We aren't complaining, this latest instrumental offering is pretty good.

Listen to Fashion Week below, or download the whole thing here.