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FKA twigs has achieved many things this year. Her debut album, LP1, was nominated for the Mercury music prize, she toured the world, made Google Glass look cool, hooked up with R Patz, and was shot by Inez & Vinoodh for our summer cover. But all this pales into insignificance alongside her latest and possibly greatest achievement of 2014: you, our lovely readers, have gone out of your way to vote her the musician who will redefine the future of style and youth culture as we know it.

That's right, out of everyone on the inaugural Dazed 100, the London-based musical auteur is the one that you want. So, we thought, what better way to celebrate her win than to take her to Hackney’s New York Nails, her favourite nail bar, for an impromptu interview by a member of the public who had no idea who she was? 

FKA twigs: What’s your name? 

Misha: Misha. 

FKA twigs: Nice to meet you, Misha.

Misha: You’ve got nice hair.

FKA twigs: Thank you! I like your earrings.

Misha: What do you put it in, if you don’t mind me asking?

FKA twigs: I oil my scalp every day. I put coconut oil in it.

Misha: You like my earrings?

FKA twigs: Yeah, they’re lovely! I love gold earrings.

Misha: Did that hurt?

FKA twigs: My nose ring? No.

Misha: I’m scared to have things like that.

FKA twigs: It doesn’t. It hurts as much as ears.

Misha: What about your tongue? You don’t have that done?

FKA twigs: No. That’s a bit much.

Misha: No, it’s better to just have your nose pierced.

FKA twigs: Maybe, it looks good on some people though.

Misha: But it looks uncomfortable, when people are eating and stuff.

FKA twigs: It depends. I’ve got big teeth, so it would probably get in the way. I think it depends how big or small your teeth are.

Misha: What size are you?

FKA twigs: Clothes?

Misha: Ten?

FKA twigs: The smallest size.

Misha: Suits you, the figure.

FKA twigs: Oh, thanks!

Misha: Done modelling before, ’av ya?

FKA twigs: Not really.

Misha: Like, catalogue or something?

FKA twigs: No, not catalogue modelling. Not really catalogue.

Misha: You’ve got the figure for it anyway.

FKA twigs: Aww, thank you! You should come here again next time I’m here.

Misha: Do you live around here?

FKA twigs: Yeah, just down the road.

Misha: Do you ever go out clubbing?

FKA twigs: Not really, I’m quite a homebod.

Misha: You like it indoors.

FKA twigs: Yeah, I do like it indoors. EastEnders and a cup of tea.

Misha: EastEnders and a cuppa tea? I can’t stand EastEnders sometimes.

FKA twigs: Sometimes it gets a little bit dramatic. The Christmas specials. Something good always happens at Christmas. Makes your own family seem boring, doesn’t it?

Misha: You’re sweet. Got any kids?

FKA twigs: Me? No. Not yet. Have you got kids?

Misha: Not yet. I’m gonna enjoy myself first. I like going out and stuff.

FKA twigs: Where do you go out?

Misha: Shoreditch, all over the place. Do you live around here? Do you drink? 

FKA twigs: Not really. 

Misha: Smoke cigarettes? 

FKA twigs: No. I keep it simple. 

Misha: I love it. 

FKA twigs: It was a good plan coming to the nail shop. 

Misha: Yeah, it was!

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