Watch The Garden cheat Death in their ‘Surprise!’ video

The Seventh Seal goes Saint Laurent in the Cali guitar duo’s looming new visual

Clocking in at 1:35, Cali twins The Garden’s short and sharp new video seems to stick their unwritten rule thumb of punching you in the face with everything they do. For “Surprise!”, Wyatt and Fletcher don cowboy get-up, playing cards and rolling dice with Death in a visual you’d bet was inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (also parodied in the plot of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey). Under director Taylor Bonin’s lens they retain and refine their weirdo aesthetic – which they term VadaVada – where every day is like Halloween. “It’s written about being cornered in a harmful situation” Wyatt says of the track, “In this case it’s about pulling a fast one on someone who thinks they have you cornered.” In the video, as in Bergman’s masterpiece, the heroes challenge Death to play games to save their souls – and cheat their way out to die another day.

"Surprise! / This Could Build Us a Home" is out now on Luv Luv Luv. The band headline London's 100 Club on March 19, and will be supporting Warpaint on their UK tour in the same month.