Dean Blunt's Black Metal triptych

Collapsing tower blocks to bittersweet symphonies: Dean Blunt's trio of videos shows the wild artist's perfect night out

Unsurprisingly for a man who made his name with a band named after a visionary music vid auteur, Dean Blunt's videos have always been crucial counterweights to his songs. Scroll through the days and nights and dreams that Hype Williams' videos recorded.

The standard story that journalists write (Dean, as both one of this generation's most staggeringly talented musicians, and one of our least boxable, gets written about a lot) is simple. Dean's videos and output, from PDFs to plays to paintings, are the funny, sand-in-the-eyes tricks to hide how #emosh his music is. It's probably not that simple: when Dazed interviewed Hype Williams back in 2011, Dean said that the recording technique was "hitting the red triangle and the black circle": press record on the tape and see what comes out.

The videos released around 2014 – biker kids tearing up industrial back roads, the heartwrenching aftermath of a late 90s clubland shooting, 'nuff straight to camera freestyles – are more along these instinctual lines, while his new album, the totally brilliant Black Metal shows songcraft far more diligently arranged than anything he's ever committed to that red button marked REC. The snakes twist until you can't tell them apart. Pro-tip: you shouldn't try to. 

In this article, we're showing three of these. "Lush" recreates a certain iconic music video, right down to the Falkirk Street start (though allow Air Maxes to replace Ashcroft's Wallabees). The party never stops in "Hush", above, while "Heavy" shows the destruction of the Nightingale Estate towers. Back in 2011, Dean said that he thought thought housing estates were some of the most romantic places on earth. I wonder if that's important? 

The videos you're showing here show a collapsing building, an interior, and a walk down a Hoxton street. How connected are they? 

Dean Blunt: Had a shoobs the night before Nightingale Estate demolitions. Then the walk of shame.

They seem like definitely London sights and, more specifically, moments from London's cultural history. What has the city given to you?

Dean Blunt: Robbie Williams' dealers number

What have you given to the city? 

Dean Blunt: 1 x nokia 8310

2 x nokia 3310

3 x nokia 8110

1 x Motorola FLEX pager

4 x blackberry curve

2 x nokia 8210

2 x ericsson t28 

1 x ericsson s868

1 x ericsson t10

8 x nokia faceoffs

1 x gilera runner

1 x '97 Piaggio Nrg mc2

1 x Motorola T900 2-way pager 

Do you still have the same romantic attachment to the town that earlier Hype Williams releases seemed to show?

Dean Blunt: I heard home is where the sharks is.

What's next on the cards for you? 

Dean Blunt: Double or nuthin'.