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Dazed December 2014 Playlist

Arca takes on Shakira, E.m.m.a. tries a lullaby and Sunless97 gets romantic for our warming winter playlist

It’s been a bit of a busy week here at Dazed. Sometimes, you just need songs that are going to help you lift your head above the noise. You need songs that whisper sweet nothings like Sunless97 and Palmistry’s collaboration, twinkling lullabies to help you sleep like the new cuts from E.m.m.a., Hyetal and Gwilym Gold, and sunny extended mixes to make you dance it all away, like Hudson Mohawke’s star-studded “Chimes” edit and Joakim’s rework of Kindness and Robyn’s “Who Do You Love”. Speaking of reworks, there’s a hefty portion of re-imagined classics on this list, as November seemed to be the month for artists putting a new spin on old favourites: see Arca taking on Shakira, M.E.S.H. taking on Tinashe, and Kelela taking on her own track “Enemy” with a new acoustic feel. It’s a sweet note to close the year on: everyone tying up the loose ends of the feedback loop, and looking for new meanings in old sounds. It’s also a collection of tracks designed to stick by your side through these last chilly weeks of the year, and help you sail into the next. Lay back and let SZA say it for you: “I’mma be fine, anyway / I’mma be cool / I’mma keep calm.”