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Eric Porter Douglas
Courtesy of Celeste Sloman

Stream Afrikan Sciences – “Circuitous”

Peerless rhymist Afrikan Sciences takes us on a psychedelic journey through time and space – streaming inside

Satellite sound king Eric Douglas Porter, aka Afrikan Sciences has often been likened to his cosmonaut brothers Flying Lotus and Ras-G. The secret love child of 80s electro DJ Afrika Bambaataa and sci-fi writer Octavia Butler – and grandson of the great Sun-Ra – it's not surprising that the young electro producer possesses an ethereal ability to marry sounds, rhythms and tempos. As the Co-Head of Oakland music company Deeplak Recordings the New Yorker now stands as one of the most innovative producers of electro to emerge in recent time. His music bespeaks the beat and blood of his roots with a fusion of west London broken rhythm, the east coast’s 90s house, 40s jazz, and indigenous African and Latin rhythms.

On Monday 8 December following on from his 2011 benchmark album “Means and Ways”, he releases his fourth LP “Circuitous” via Bill Kouligas’s Berlin based label PAN.  A 14-track stream of consciousness “Circuitous” takes the listener on a journey that transcends the limits of time, space and genre. A cacophonous mixture of mutation, displacement and crossbeat the listener is batted like a pawn without gravity through a heady blend of psychedelic trance and dreamy melody. Porter cocoons you into a sense of safety with distrait tracks “Swash” and “Feel” whilst keeping you off kilter with the dizzy dischord of opening piece “Two in a Chamber” and “Transient Authority.” Rich with rhythms and complex multiplicity this album firmly cements Porter’s place as a master of his craft and a pioneer in redefining Afro-futurism, and Dazed is proud to present an exclusive album stream below.