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Dev Hynes wearing a T-shirt remembering victims of police brutality@devhynes via Twitter

Dev Hynes scores short documentary about Ferguson

The Blood Orange musician lends a piano track to a film about the Ferguson protests in NYC

Dev Hynes has long spoken out on issues of racism and police brutality, so it's no surprise that he's provided the soundtrack to a short film about the recent Ferguson-inspired protests in New York.

The Blood Orange musician recorded the piano improvisation at the at Brooklyn Academy of Music. Directed by Aaron Stewart-Ahn, the film follows protesters chanting and making their way through New York on November 25, shortly after the St Louis County grand jury announced its decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown. As the credits roll, the names of black Americans who have been killed by police appear on the screen. 

Hynes has been extremely vocal over Ferguson, taking to Twitter to express his disbelief at the verdict and the racial inequalities that continue to divide America:

Earlier this year, Hynes delivered an anti-racism speech during his Lollapalooza set and wore a homemade T-shirt in honour of victims of police brutality, including Jordan Davis, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin. Despite this, Hynes says he and his girlfriend were later assaulted by security staff at the festival in Chicago.

Watch the film below: