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Stream Mr Mitch's emo-grime epic

Panpipes and Logic – the one of the hottest stars in instrumental grime drops his long-awaited full-length

Squelching into sight this morning is a gem of a record, out next week on Planet Mu. A 26-yearold resident of South East London, Mr Mitch has been releasing Bandcamp EPs since early 2012, but came up through the legendary night Boxed, ran collectively by some of London's most fiercely original producers. A sweat-filled incubator of grime's instrumental renaissance, its pressure-cooker atmosphere, powered by a roving location policy and absolute musical modernism, has led some to invoke the holy name of formative dubstep rave FWD. 

Mr Mitch, in the frame of this burgeoning spirit, cuts an interesting figure. More interested in space, emotion and spirit, he specialises in music that stands on the shoulders of decades of black British dance music – from dub to garage, soca to bassline – and combines it with a totally original sense of 21st century feeling. "[Grime has] always been an experimental and progressive genre", he says, "taking elements of what came before it and pushing those boundaries to create something new". This incredible album is just that.