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Vapor City - Vapor City Metro
Dominic Flannigan and Eclair Fifi of LuckyMe

Stream Machinedrum's Vapor City Metro mix

Ahead of Indie Label Market's London leg, take a ride through New York maestro Machinedrum's fantasy town

Machinedrum has made a city in his mind. Whilst zipping through the world's metropolises in 2013, the North Carolina-born, NY-based producer envisioned an imaginary city with fully-realized districts in his dreams – then went about writing its theme tune. "Vapor City", he told us last year, is "a recurring dream of mine – [so much so that] I began creating music to it, a collection of different songs each representing different districts in the city." A mix of Mexico City, Berlin and Manhattan, Vapor City's metro area appears in this radio broadcast mixed by Machinedrum himself. His latest release is Vapor City Archives, which came out last week – you can watch its lead video below, and check out a gallery we launched around the original release.

Combining UK garage, the synth work he specialises in and his perfect blend of location specific, evocative music, we're streaming the Vapor City Metro Mix for the first time in support of the London leg of the Independent Label Market. Originally part of an exclusive music package released directly to fans, it is now available again with the purchase of the Vapor City Archives released a week ago – the final chapter in Machinedrum's epic "Vapor City" project. Now in its third year, the event sees the indies of Britain – including Machinedrum's home, Ninja Tune – congregate on London's Old Spitalfields Market to flog their wares and rarities, from the owners and artists to passing punters direct. Pop down if you're in the area this Saturday, the 29 November, or take a night drive through Vapor City with the mix above.