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Iceage Against the Moon

Watch Iceage's stormy ‘Against The Moon’ video

Drift from past to present in the Danish band's surreal noirish visual, directed by Martin Masai Andersen and Kim Thue

Squint through the bar-brawl carnage and Iceage always had an unstrung kind of tenderness. Their hardcore punk traffics in poetry of everyday disenchantment, smuggled beneath melodies so urgent and hoarse they sound like threats. But the Copenhagen group’s latest album, Plowing Into the Field of Love, is genuinely unhinged, channelling the Bad Seeds and The Birthday Party into something complexly dark and bucolic. Now its deepest track has a stunning monochrome video starring German film legend Dan van Husen – who’s known for roles in Fellini’s Casanova and Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre – alongside German actor Missa Blue and Welsh model Louis Backhouse. Reminiscent of mid-century European cinema, the film captures a profound slowness: every frame bursts with life, van Husen breathing soft as flashbacks of beauty and horror quietly haunt. Directors Martin Masai Andersen and Kim Thue describe it as a “surreal film noir”, adding that “we drift in and out of the past and present as the film deals with the ideas of repentance or lack thereof, as the lyrics suggest."