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Juggalos fight against Portland gentrification

Local businesses report receiving Insane Clown Posse gang flyers saying ‘GET THE FUCK OUT’

Most of us have seen Portlandia, the Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein comedy about life in heavily-gentrified Portland. Most of us find it funny, but one group of local residents don't: Juggalos.

Members of the Insane Clown Posse's devoted fanbase are so unamused by the real-life gentrification of Portland that they have reportedly been leaving notices around town telling businesses to "GET THE FUCK OUT". About 14 stores have been targeted so far, including Hopworks Urban Brewery, which describes itself as the city's first "eco-brewpub".

The residential displacement of long-time residents by newcomers in Portland is just one of the many problems that have arrived with an increase in expensive coffee shops and vintage clothes stores. 

According to Oregon news channel KOIN, businessowners are pretty unnerved by the flyers. (Given that Howard Stern recently suggested that the US Army should dress like Juggalos while fighting ISIS, maybe they've got a reason to be scared).

There has also been a spike in vandalism and car break-ins, but the increase in crime has so far not been linked to the Juggalos.

Hopworks Urban Brewery manager Spencer Kollman said: "I don’t know what we did to make them angry or anybody else to make them angry. This is straight up vulgar."

Come on. Everybody knows Juggalos don't give a shit about craft beer, they're all about the Faygo.