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A$AP Rocky with Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver
Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver with A$AP Rocky in happier timesBFA

A$AP Rocky sort-of clarifies his beef with Hood By Air

‘It is what it is. HBA shit is weak.’

A$AP Rocky raised more than a few eyebrows with his latest track, "Multiply", which basically disses his once-loved Hood By Air in no uncertain terms: "HBA shit is weak, you can keep that". People speculated that he was just playing aroud; after all, this wasn't the first time the rapper has given Shayne Oliver's label a vaguely backhanded compliment in his songs ("Hood by Air, man I started that"). 

Now it turns out that Lord Flacko meant every word. A$AP told The Cut at the Guggenheim International Gala yesterday that there was "no misunderstanding" the lyrics. As for why he said it in the first place? "Because I can. I birthed it, so I can kill it." Cold. And no, he doesn't know if he'll ever work with the label again. 

Oliver was more tactful when WWD asked him about the beef last week. "I know Rocky personally, I saw him and we were fine," he said. "I haven’t brought it up, even. But for me it’s how I deal with a friend. I’ll be like, ‘what’s up,’ and if they want breathing room, I’ll give them that."

If nothing else, Oliver's not alone. A$AP also took shots at streetwear label BEEN TRILL in the track ("I ain’t really fuckin’ with that BEEN TRILL / Swear that shit is booty like Tip Drill"), although co-founder Heron Preston has taken the diss head-on.

"The fact that a rapper dissed a clothing company is a huge sign of the times," he wrote on Instagram. "Does that mean rap is boring? Has rap lost its edge?"

BEEN TRILL also put out a "Tip Drill" t-shirt featuring an X-ed out image of its own label from the video, on sale for $50. Well, that's one way of dealing with criticism. 

Watch the video for "Multiply" below: