Watch Metronomy's wonderful ‘The Upsetter’ video

A Where The Wild Things Are-esque tale of wild romance for the touching ‘Love Letters’ opener

Metronomy’s aching video for “The Upsetter” is as leafy as November, and as imaginative and twisted as we’ve come to expect from their current Love Letters era. Depicting a bestial woodland romance, it features a bearded lady creating a lover from leaves, straddling him until he stands up... and that’s just the beginning of the crazy, in a stylistic mash-up of Where The Wild Things AreMiyazaki movies and Bigfoot sightings. Directed by Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura, the video's a spiritual sequel of sorts to his work as part of the Cali trio – the strange beasts of Björk's "Wanderlust" and the sinister visual for Grizzly Bear's "Knife" – transforming those influences into five minutes of heartbreak in one of the oddest and prettiest love stories you'll see all year.