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Forgive me Lord for I have synth mix

An hour of the creepiest electronic horror movie soundtracks known to man and beast

Seeing as it's freaky Friday, I decided to chop up a bunch of classic scores, VHS B-movie rips and rare synth oddities for a blood soaked audio love letter to my favourite electronic horror soundtracks of all time. Featuring the likes of John CarpenterGoblinWendy CarlosHarold Faltermeyer and some lesser known dark lords, these tracks are the things that beautiful nightmares are made of. If you're expecting "The Monster Mash" look away now... there's nothing here but lashings of sinful synth. Happy Halloween!


Francesco Clemente – “Suoni Dalle Ombre Oltre”
Simon Boswell – “Fish Dreams”
Harry Manfredini – “Friday the 13th part III
John Harrison – “The Dead Walk”
Unknown – “New Gladiators”
John Carpenter – “Christine (12” Version)”
Chuck Crino – “Chopping Mall Theme”
Harold Faltermeyer – “Bakersfield”
Modern Man – “Breakdown”
John McCallum – “Prepare to Battle”
Unknown – “The Trioxin Theme (Acid Rain version)”
Unknown – “I'm coming”
Unknown – “Night of the Creeps”
Goblin – “Hell Of The Living Dead”
Unknown – “Crystal Hunt”
Orgue Electronique – “Le Notti Del Terrore”
Fabio Frizzi – “Zombie/Escape From The Flesheaters”
Unknown – “Shock Waves”
Unknown – “Ultra Flight”
Unknown – “The Haunted Spaceship”
Klaus Schulze – “Welcome to the Moog Brothers”
Vangelis – “Blade Runner Blues”
John Carpenter – “Halloween 3”
Walter Carlos – “Clockwork Orange Theme”