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Mumdance & Logos go from grime to gaming in a new mix

Ahead of launching their new label, the producers create a mash-up of exclusive previews and video game soundtracks

Something often emphasised in the music of innovating grime producers Mumdance and Logos is space. Their beats – like the one on Mumdance’s huge 2014 tune “Take Time” with Novelist – move like satellites around one another, allowing blasts of cold air to blow them open. Now, the pair are taking that minimalist, expansive tendency to its extreme with the launch of their new ambient label, Different Circles. To introduce the label ahead of their Weightless Vol. 1 compilation (featuring the likes of Dark0, Murlo and Rabit), the Keysound, Rinse and Boxed-affiliated pair have made us an exclusive mix that masterfully weaves together video game soundtracks and exclusive previews of what’s to come from their new releases. Hit play and zone out while you read our quick chat about how Different Circles is setting out to redefine club music, reminding that we need some weightlessness to truly appreciate the weight.

What kind of mindset/mood is this mix for?

Mumdance: We both really like listening to mixes like this when we are travelling, but equally the reason why we enjoy this music is because there are no set boundaries. This mix could be played as background music, or intensely listened to and studied, you could listen to it when before you are on the bus go out in the evening but equally when you come back at 7am at an afterparty.

Any favourite tracks in there?

Logos: I particularly like the track we have taken from the Donato Dozzy Bee Mask remake LP – it’s the harmonically dense sheer wall of sound which can be found early in the mix. Other than that, any of the tracks from our forthcoming release Weightless Vol. 1, which are all buried in there in one way or another.

Mumdance: I put a few Amiga computer game soundtracks in there which Im a big fan of, Shadow of the Beat 3 OST is a personal favourite of mine. But I would have to agree with Logos, the Weightless Vol 1 tracks are top notch.

How does this mix prepare us for what to expect from the label?

Logos: I think it’s a really good example of where both our heads are at right now and what we are both listening to and playing out. In terms of the label, we have the first three releases for Different Circles ready to go, and they all have a weightless feel to them.

Mumdance: I guess what we are trying to do with Different Circles is reset the boundaries of what could be considered “club" music and I think this mix is a reflection of that. Both Logos and myself really appreciate the “journey” aspect of DJ sets which I think has been lost a lot in a lot of modern day club experiences, for example, you need to have weightless parts to appreciate the more banging parts. If someone is just rolling out really hard drum tracks for hours on end it just becomes noise, you need to contrast and juxtapose sounds to keep things interesting.

Pre-order Weightless Vol. 1 here.