Watch Teengirl Fantasy & Lafawndah's ‘Lung’ video

Heat up with the trio's lusty and unpredictable new video, filmed at NY gay utopia Fire Island

Teengirl Fantasy and Lafawndah’s “Lung” – taken from their upcoming Thermal EP – would implode any thermometer. With the NYC-based duo’s condensation-glossed beats and pulse-quickening synth patterns, it’s a relief to bathe your eyes in the iridescent hues of their self-directed video, filmed this past summer in the Fire Island Pines. In the opening scene, Lafawndah cuts loose her lover in hyper-saturated tropical reeds, before the colour washes out and she writhes on the beach. But she's not a prisoner of her lust for long – just until a space portal opens to offer an out from all that angst.

Thermal EP is out on November 18, pre-order here