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Watch Honeyblood channel Hitchcock in ‘Choker’

The Glaswegian duo craft a spooky, noirish melodrama with their latest video

“Where does that corridor follow / behind a door he forbid me to go.” Taking their cue from Angela Carter’s feminist reshaping of "Bluebeard" in The Bloody Chamber, and dusting it with a glossy film noir gloom, Honeyblood’s new video “Choker” is a mini Hitchcockian melodrama with a twist of Halloween horror. It’s got all the familiar tropes: dream-like silhouettes, psycho-sexual undercurrents, and a Hollywood starlet fighting off the deadly clutches of some faceless, life-zapping force, “I really wanted to capture the sinister side of the song but still have a little fun with the idea,” says guitarist/vocalist Stina Tweedale. The result is a moodier twist on the Glasgwegian duo’s previous sun-drenched efforts, bringing to mind Throwing Muses or early PJ Harvey, and a perfect preamble to All Hallow's Eve.

Honeyblood's self-titled debut album is out now on FatCat Records