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Hear Hippie Sabotage’s warped remix of Mikky Ekko’s ‘Smile’

Singer-songwriter Ekko teams up with the remixer du jour for a mood-shifting masterpiece of electronica mixed with magic tricks

Hippie Sabotage’s take on “Smile” starts as solemnly as a frown; it’s a dazzlingly dark opening. We hear voices distorted to sound like whale song, until: “Smile, the worst is yet to come, we'll be lucky if we ever see the sun,” utters Ekko sadly over slow synth and Warp beats. Then, a minute in, a build begins... before the clouds collapse for an uplifting key shift, which vanishes as quickly as it appears – like starlight in winter.

The original had a similar goose-bump moment, but Hippie Sabotage’s version feels more pronounced, more radical, creating a feeling of immediate release... before the feeling is almost instantly taken away again. Nearly everything is stripped back, allowing Mikky's voice to fill the space before the build begins again, towards a show-stopping conclusion. 

Hippie Sabotage performs a similar magic trick here to his soaring remix of Tove Lo's “Habits”, using electronica to enhance the inherent emotion of the original. Mikky told us last year that he doesn’t want to be a pop star, if that’s the case, on the strength of this song, he might be in trouble.