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The Moon Baby

Stream Wise Blood's entrancing track for the moon baby

The twisted pop producer teams up with a local drag queen for a hypnotising new track ‘Bae Sick’

Pittsburgh producer Wise Blood adds minimal hypnotising percussion to the vocals of the moon baby – a local drag queen – in the gloriously outsider future-R&B of "Bae Sick". Here, the moon baby addresses her bae (in this case, Jesus Christ) with delicately layered, quasi-spiritual vocals in the imagined voice of – wait for it – early 2000s sensation Michelle Branch. It's quite a listen, but oddly beautiful too. Over email, she also tells us that the track's a “rewrite of Song of Solomon 2. I look at Song of Solomon and see what I am: transgression and sensuality rapt in a desire for tradition and acceptance. In short, this song is about weird sperm.”