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M.I.A: reaching ever-higher heights

Did M.I.A just climb Mount Everest?

If her Instagram is anything to go by, the rapper has come up close and personal with the world's highest peak

Everybody knows that you don't mess with M.I.A, and she's just given us further proof by scaling Mount Everest (apparently).

The British-Tamil rapper is documenting her trip to the Himalayas on Instagram, including one picture of the summit with the caption: "Got to the highest point on earth + on top + over it. Everest is called #sagarmartha in Sherpa - saga martha in Tamil means 'she will not die'."

She also posted an image of herself next to a very pretty lake at "3500ft above sea level":

The image has led some excited fans to speculate that she's actually conquered the highest mountain in the world. Experts suggest that it takes at least 18 months of preparation before anyone can be unleashed onto the peak. Having said that, it wouldn't surprise us if M.I.A woke up one morning, fancied a little climb, and absolutely bossed Everest straight away.

The rapper also took a picture of herself in a helicoptor, tagging it "base camp heli help". What's unclear is whether or not M.I.A actually embarked on a hike to the summit or cheated in a chopper – we're guessing the latter, given she looks pretty well-rested for somebody who just climbed a 29,035 feet mountain. 

Either way, she's flying high and we wish the fearless Maya Arulpragasam all the best. 

(h/t PopBuzz)