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Sensitive tracks of the month

Celebrate cuffing season with a dancehall flip on ‘Pills N Potions’, a Jersey take on Jeremih, and Doja Cat's R&B purr


LA R&B princess Doja Cat fiercely meows on her latest, sassily rap/singing over a mild guitar riff, while humming the sirens from Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer” over a mollifying Dream Koala instrumental (“We Can’t Be Friends”). Find “No Police” on her debut Purrr! EP.


Ahead of his November album Songs, South London’s Deptford Goth shares the slow-burning heartache of "The Lovers”, a contemplative ballad that sways back and forth to his melancholic promises. Yet there’s a breeze of lightness, promising an ability to let go. Aah.


London grime producer Dark0 unleashes “Black Rose”, a plush and pitch-black cut from his recent Fate EP. Dark0 takes you time travelling through the more exotic dimensions of the underground – get lost below.


When Jeremih’s N.O.M.A. (Not On My Album) mixtape came out last month, New Jersey beats pioneer Jaw Jam worked fast. By playing with the acapellas of Jeremih repeating “you know what I like”, Jaw Jam gave this song a brand new life – with textural bass production, and a lot of breathing room through his innovative chopping and spacing.


Maryland boys in abhi//dijon just self-released a deeply satisfying R&B EP – and as cuffing season is soon approaching, let them guide you through finding the perfect bae with the help of the first track, “Honest”. Follow their head nodding rhythm, just how Usher’s Confessions channelled your love stories back in secondary school.


New Orleans hip hop artist Pell’s debut album Floating While Dreaming has been out for three months now, but we’ve just been blessed by the visuals for “Runaway”. Watch and listen for Pell’s heavy hearted bike ride through the city of Los Angeles as he voices a Kid Cudi-rivalling take on emotional pop mannerism.


Fresh off their tour with LA R&B brothers Inc., Ninja Tune’s experimental pop duo take you to the woods with “Sosoft”. It’s a bizarre narrative, involving bamboos, wild berries and crystals as the Canadians whisper their lullaby-like vocals.


With a title that riffs on “Bank Head”, Berlin-based producer Lotic delivers a hard-hitting twist on Kingdom and Kelela’s 2013 track, within his newest club expression “Sobbing Head”. After a quiet introduction to the Fade To Mind singer’s vocal, Lotic later adds threatening rings, cuts and textural bass that surfaces to the ground level as the track dives further in.



Nicki Minaj’s delicate “Pills and Potions”, is given a sensitive Caribbean twist BY Jamaican dancehall artist Road Elf. Elf replaces Minaj’s confessions with his own passionate falsettos while leaving the original production untouched – one for fans of Popcaan, Demarco, Mavado and more.


LA-based, London-raised Annabel Jones recently started an electrifying solo project under her real name – previously, she’s been attatched to Bluebell and Lady and The Lost Boys. Her debut track “Magnetic” shines with delicate lumosity – a little like Imogen Heap, except there’s a plot twist midway through the song, where her vocals are morbidly, creepily pitched down.