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Deptford Goth

Listen to Deptford Goth's lovelorn ‘Two Hearts’

The South London electronic singer shares a torchy, piano-led new track from his second album

When Deptford Goth insists – over, and over again – on his new single that “love is enough”, you wonder whether he’s trying to convince himself as much as pay tribute to a sweetheart. The South London singer has a searching straightforwardness on “Two Hearts”, building a romance around piano chords and synth smudges, and asking for “a life greater than what we do.” It follows pneumatic “The Lovers” as the second track we’re hearing from his much-anticipated second album Songs, coming November 3. His intimacy may not be easy, but Deptford Goth’s lovelorn tunnel-vision is a sweet, if slightly sad, place to get lost in.

Deptford Goth plays ICA, London, on November 19. Tickets on sale Friday