Watch M83's intimate visual for ‘In The Cold I'm Standing’

The French act share a romantic video for the atmospheric track – taken from 2005's Before The Dawn Heals Us

France's premier amient/electronic masters M83 just re-released 2005's Before The Dawn Heals Us – along with their debut and second albums – and here they share the slow-motion, legato coming together of two in the video for "In The Cold I'm Standing". It has been said that the storyline and guiding light throughout all M83 albums has been about young guys and girls in love, and the video for "In The Cold I'm Standing" perfectly synthesizes that M.O. The male lead wafts smoke ever so slowly from his mouth into that of a female, as the two become bound by his exhale and her inhale. And then they turn toward each other and kiss hungrily, as if a bird approaching its prey. Shown during the September concert M83 had at Hollywood Bowl, it's M83 does Adam and Eve.