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Dazed September 2014 Playlist

Nicki's got buns, Kelela's making enemies and things get crazy with another PC Music release in this month's essential playlist

TextAimee CliffIllustrationHaonan Shen

First, a confession: Kelela is all over this playlist. There’s two of her collaborators on here – prince of otherworldly pop Kindness, whose second album Otherness is on its way in October and has Kelela’s vocals drifitng all over it, and Le1f, who put out the lush “OICU” with her this month. There’s something about her spiky vocal, at once light and hard in the way it floats over hard-edged beats, that also lends itself particularly well to a futuristic club remix, as Fade To Mind boss Total Freedom and Berlin experimentalist Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf know all too well. What else is going on this month? Well, DELS has got us excited for an introspective, UK hip-hop-reviving new album on Big Dada with production from Micachu and Kwes, Ty Dolla $ign is getting Ed Sheeran to sing the words “I got you screaming yeah, yeah, yeah,” and Houndstooth and Local Action are both continuing to have a killer 2014 with releases from Marquis Hawkes and DJ Q with Flava D. Not to mention, there’s new ones from Jessie Ware, Ryan Hemsworth, Caribou, Ariana Grande and PC Music man Kane West, plus that iLoveMakonnen/Drake remix. Phew!