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Enter the Vine vortex with Kingdom

Forget YouTube singers – the Fade to Mind co-founder chooses his top at-home artists who never break the six-second rule

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to takeover Dazed for a day. 

Time to get trippy: radical record label-meets-club experience Fade to Mind are staging a mid-week takeover at Dazed. That means party recordings from NYC to your laptop, Kingdom’s top 10 Vine singers, exclusive bootlegs to download and more from the unstoppable crew. 

There is a limitless universe of singers that operate off the radar. Shower singers, bathroom singers, singers that don't want to interface with the music industry, or that don't have the look or the resources to do so. There are singers that are too young or too busy finishing High School to even bother with Soundcloud. They have a mobile phone and 6 seconds to spare, so Vine is their outlet. Vine is full of looping clips of girls and boys in every part of the world signing their hearts out, covering the latest R&B anthems, throwbacks, or improvisational riffs and practicing overly dramatic vocal runs.

Then I started to notice impromptu Vine collaborations popping up. This is the advanced level of Vine singing, and requires two handheld devices (two phones, or a tablet and a phone). Singers are playing another singer's vines off their tablet, while they sing their harmony layer into a new Vine on their iPhone. Sometimes the layers pile up until there are singers all over the country layered onto one Vine post. Click on the clips below to create your own mixes and harmonies, and follow each singer's Vine account to keep up with this ultra-new freeform R&B social experiment as it grows and morphs.