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boothroyd press shot

Boothroyd doesn't know why he's doing this interview

Or: we find out what happens when you approach an about-to-blow-up Mancunian electronica artist with an all-American quiz...

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to takeover Dazed for a day.

The Warm Up at MoMA PS1 takes place in the gallery’s courtyard every Saturday – but for one day only, the live outdoor music series is bringing the party to Dazed. The curators have selected their favourite music artists to come out of the US right now, and resident DJ Maria Chavez has made us an exclusive mix to bring a little MoMA magic to your speakers.

Next up – a detour to England, where TriAngle Records' new act Boothroyd is the rather unlikely recipient of a Q+A themed around US Independence. Confused? Us too. 


"Americans often forget that the independence we celebrate is independence from a country we are so closely connected with, especially in the music industry. I’ve chosen Boothroyd (from Manchester) as I think he is a symbol for the state of UK/US relations and what our independence has evolved to mean for us today. Here in the USA we sometimes think the world revolves around us and Boothroyd provides a sobering wake up call to what independence sometimes means. His music is also independently quite good. It's epic and unlike anything else you've ever heard – simultaneously terrifying and beautiful, and definitely unsettling in the best way."   

Tell us about where you grew up – what was it like, and how did it influence you going forward?

Boothroyd: I grew up in North Manchester, in a shit little working class town where nothing has happened for about 400 years. It was lifeless, dull, deprived, growing up there really wasn't nice at all. Music gave me something to do other than just knock on people's doors and run off. I do think the environment definitely had an influence on me going forward, I knew I didn't want to live on a council estate forever, it's made me more determined to pursue what I want to do. Anyway I'm out now, and I live INDEPENDENTLY in London, although it might just be temporary. I could end up having to go back there, so if you don't hear a follow up to Idle Hours then it's because I moved home and chucked myself under the Metrolink.  

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Boothroyd: Loud but quiet (this doesn't help).

Moma PS1’ s live shows take place every Saturday all summer long. How do you warm up for the weekend?

Boothroyd: What's Moma PS1? Is this a proper question or are you just plugging your gig? Fine I'll help you out – OK folks listen, try to make it down to one of these things if you've got some free time, I'm guessing you do if you're prepared to read interviews with obscure electronica musicians who don't even have a record out, they want you there, it might be good, have a go. How do I warm up for the weekend? Ha.

Indeed. How’s your summer looking? What do you have planned?

Boothroyd: No holidays booked yet, I like to live my life off the cuff, you know? I'm very spontaneous, I don't plan things, the fun usually just falls into my lap. If it starts pissing it down though, which is most likely, I'll probably be in the studio working on my album. What are you up to?

NM. When you make music, what other artists do you look to for inspiration? 

Boothroyd: I don't really know where the inspiration comes from when I make music to tell you the truth, I just enjoy being creative. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head, I don't know why. However I do have this quite big poster of John Lennon up in my room which I do, if I'm being honest, spend quite a large amount of my time staring at.

What’s your perspective on the American underground music scene right now? Where do we go from here? 

Boothroyd: I have never been to America and I don't know any Americans, so I know very little about what's going on with the underground music scene over there, you're all into EDM and Dubstep right? Skateboarding? Pyrotechnics? Why am I doing this interview? Don't ask me I'm not even American, I don't have the answers. I thought you were independent.

Boothroyd's debut EP Idle Hours is out on Tri Angle Records September 29.

Rounding off our day of selects from Warm Up curators is Dean Bein of True Panther Sounds, introducing the rap scene's most eccentric new act who is one step away from superstardom.