Watch NYC producer Cubby's dark and strange new video

Bodies writhe in the woods to an unpredictable dance soundtrack, like a Blair Witch alien dance class

With his two videos to date, upcoming NYC producer Cubby has mapped a dark universe of his own, but in some ways it evokes grislier Tri Angle luminaries like The Haxan Cloak. Despite their drastically contrasted methodologies - Cubby the grinning hangman to Haxan’s swinging corpse - the two are nearly peas in a pod, applying ambient dread and suppressed hip hop to the carcass of – whisper it – witch house. The formula bears dark fruit on “Hooded”, a punishing aural assault that follows last month’s furtive introduction “Steady Now”. The new track’s striking video, courtesy of Josh Goleman, sees two spectral, orblike spirits compete for the spotlight in fluid night dance displays, while Cubby’s firing-squad beats distort time – think Evian Christ being armed with a snow shovel and sent into Act 3 of The Shining.

Cubby's "Hooded"/"Steady Now" single is available now via Mermaid Ave