Take a midnight joy ride in XXXY's new video

The house producer shares a tripped-out and violent video for his epic new release Goldfish

Since exploding onto the dance scene back in 2009, XXXY (aka Rupert Taylor) has gone from strength to strength on the British DJ circuit, tearing up turntables with his warm twist on house. This week's 12" of "Goldfish/Evade" (Ten Thousand Yen) follows releases on Rinse and Formant – and here's the messed-up yet cinematic video for "Goldfish", directed by Lewis Lloyd. We set off on an all-nighter, tailing an unlucky goldfish and his hapless captor through the seediest streets, bars and club toilets across town. The unrelenting bass throbs towards a suitably bizarre climax to the night's misadventures – you're sure to be left with a second-hand sheen of guilty sweat.