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Watch Eliot Sumner develop superpowers in her new video

The guitar artist formerly known as I Blame Coco shares the turbulent and victorious ‘Information’

"They both come from dark and complicated places, with a pulse", London's Eliot Sumner printed in a handwritten note last week of two tracks on her forthright, guitar-led Information EP. The low-register singer is the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, and on the title track, she switches out the synthpop of her circa-2010 project I Blame Coco for squealing guitars and a roaring whopper of a chorus. The searching and stormy video has her lit up by headlights and at war with vintage cars that lurch at her with the force of the possessed vehicle in Stephen King's super-creepy Christine. Sumner won't go down without a fight though, emerging with Carrie-like telekinetic powers in a woman-vs-machines drama for all those times it feels like your sweetheart is made of metal – and the real surprise is that Sumner doesn't flip that car right over.