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Incheon airport officials seized 82 amphetamine pills addressed to Park Bom

2NE1's Park Bom hit by drug smuggling allegations

According to a new report, the K-pop star was caught smuggling amphetamines into Korea back in 2010

2NE1 singer Park Bom been hit by controversy after a report published by a Korean newspaper on Monday claimed that she had been caught smuggling amphetamines into the country from the US. The fallout from the scandal has forced the head of her label, YG Entertainment, to wade in and refute the allegations. 

According to the national daily Segye Ilbo, officials at Incheon International Airport seized 82 amphetamine pills sent via Fedex and addressed to Park in October 2012. Park admitted that she had purchased the drugs when police questioned her about the incident, but the case was later closed and Park was released without charge. 

YG Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Yang Hyun-suk attempted to clarify the situation in a blog post, explaining that the medication was prescribed to Park when she was growing up in the US for "mental shock and sadness" caused by the death of a close friend. 

According to Yang, Park had taken the medication for years and was not aware that the drug was banned for import into Korea. Her mother and grandmother sent her the prescription drugs because her hectic schedule made it difficult for Park to return to the US and replace her prescription. Following the seizure at Incheon International Airport, Park switched her prescription to a locally available drug. 

"I had to watch Bom break into tears all night, and I feel terrible that I am in the position to bring up her painful past that she did not want to reveal," Yang wrote. "I extend my deepest apology for causing any worries.”

It seems like some fans aren't convinced, though. "If anyone can cover up a K-pop scandal it’s YG Entertainment," writes Popdust

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