Watch How To Dress Well's ode to limb-tangled love

The chilling conclusion to his three-part video series from What Is This Heart is here

In an interview with Dazed last month, Tom Krell described how American short story writer Alice Munro’s prose “brings you into a character’s world with this extreme intimacy...but there’s a moment where the switch is flipped in the story and you realise its a description of you and everyone else.” It’s this universality bound up with closeness that defines What Is This Heart?, Krell’s third LP, as well as the video series released to accompany three of its singles. Following in the same fable-like thread as the first two films, which have a clean, open aesthetic and a few heartfelt cameos from Krell, creative director Luke Gilford wraps up the trilogy of the young couple’s journey with a video that holds a mirror up to its beginning (fitting for a track that states in its title “Everything Must Change, Everything Must Stay The Same”). It’s a sweet four and half minute tribute to pure childlike infatuation: that doe-eyed, limb-tangled kind of love where you don’t care about stuffing your faces with cake together.