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Pop Quiz #30: Skrillex

The EDM phenomenon drops some thoughts on country music, Area 51 and why America is still (pretty much) the greatest

As part of our States of Independence summer takeover, 50 American indie icons have volunteered to take the Dazed Pop Quiz; a quick-fire Q&A about what they love and loathe about life in the USA. Check back here every day for more from the series. 

If 2012 was Skrillex's year – his crunching dubstep was the soundtrack for everything from Spring Breakers-style hedonism to stadium size crowds that summer – then in 2014 the 26 year-old DJ and producer is continuing to bring the noise. Released in March and dedicated to his fans, Skrillex's latest album Recess was released through his app as well as streamed on Dazed Digital. Simultaneously the saviour and scourge of Electronic music – depending on who you're talking to – anyone with the slightest sense of the popular consciousness of America today would surely lean towards the former. Country music, rap music and now, Skrillex's own influential brand of electronic dubstep: these are the touchstones of America's musical culture. Who better to question on the state of America today than the "donk" deity himself? We talked Arnie Schwarzenegger, Ferris Bueller and Larry David with the latest in that list of all-American icons: Sonny Moore, or Skrillex.

Which living American do you most admire and why? 

Skrillex: Arnold Schwarzenegger – because he was the governor, the terminator, and he is Austrian.

Which living American do you most despise and why? 

Skrillex: Whoa, rough question. 

Whose face should be on the $100 bill?

Skrillex: Larry David.

What three words define the States today?

Skrillex: I don't know. 

Who gave you your first break? Do you still talk?

Skrillex: As in break up? No we don't talk. 

When + where you the most happiest?

Skrillex: When I finally got the stuffed dinosaur from the claw. 

What high school clique were you in? Do you stay in touch?

Skrillex: Skater and punk music but I hung out with everyone. 

What food reminds you of home?

Skrillex: In 'n' Out.

What is your favorite quote about America?

Skrillex: "America – fuck yeah!"

What smell do you associate with the city of your birth? 

Skrillex: Smog.

What's the best road trip you've ever been on? 

Skrillex: Warped tour 2004 - 42 cities in 55 days when I was 16. 

Where did you first fall in love?

Skrillex: On Warped tour! 

What would make you leave America forever?

Skrillex: When they learn how to colonize in space. 

What noise reminds you of the States?

Skrillex: Country music?

What is your favorite American building?

Skrillex: The Masonic temple in Detroit that Jack White bought. 

Ultimate American film?

Skrillex: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Most overrated US tourist attraction

Skrillex: Area 51 because you can't even get in. 

Most underrated US tourist attraction

Skrillex: I have no idea. 

Favorite slang phrase?

Skrillex: Bae.

What is your ultimate American guilty pleasure? 

Skrillex: Taco Bell. 

What law would you change or invent?

Skrillex: Free wifi at all hotels. 

Ultimate American album?

Skrillex: Johnny Cash's discography.

Where in the States would you ride out the apocalypse?

Skrillex: Denver.

When was your last run-in with the cops? What happened?

Skrillex: I don't fuck with the police. 

If you could change one thing about the US, what would it be?

Skrillex: Make it easier for Swedish and Brazilian girls to get green cards. 

Which fictional American do you most identify with?

Skrillex: Ferris Bueller.

If you could vote for Obama again, would you?

Skrillex: Never voted. 

If you lost it all tomorrow, what would you do the day after?

Skrillex: Get it back. 

What will America look like in 2050?

Skrillex: If it's not Hover boards by that time I'm out. 

Does the American Dream still exist?

Skrillex: Absolutely. So much space and opportunity to do whatever you want.