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Big Deal Always Boys

Watch Big Deal smash mirrors in their new video

The London guitar duo return with a Kenneth Anger-inspired visual for the catchy Always Boys

London duo Big Deal shine an artful light onto the glistening lead single from their upcoming Sakura EP – out July 14 on Mute – with this equally glossy, Kenneth Anger-inspired video. As KC Underwood risks seven years of bad luck by going ham on a mirror and smashing it to smithereens, Alice Costelloe radiates tough Hitchcock blonde sophistication with an icy, 50 yard stare. Simultaneously coming on like a lost Britpop frontwoman, there are nods to Lush and Elastica, and hell, even Suede's Brett Anderson, in her glam hooks and sparkly shirt. "He's a lover/not a fighter/but he's gone," sighs Alice, cursing the multitude of problems that comes with falling in love with boys who play guitar. Going by this video, people should be just as careful about crushing out on girls with six-strings too.