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"Words don't ever seem to come out right, but I still read you – why is that?"

Watch Beyoncé songs performed as dramatic monologues

If you've ever wanted to see ‘If I Were a Boy’ with a Shakespearean twist, now's your chance

If you've ever tried to tackle "Halo" at karaoke, you'll know that Beyoncé songs are almost impossible to sing. Which is why actress and writer Nina Millin decided to reinterpret some of her favourite Beyoncé songs in a style she'd actually been trained in – the dramatic monologue.

As part of "The Beyoncelogues" series, Millin treats classic Bey tracks like "If I Were A Boy", "Irreplaceable" and "Mine" with all the theatrical reverence they deserve. It's like watching Anthony Hopkins performing a Shakespearean monologue, minus iambic pentameter and all that other shit you pretended to understand in English class. 

Millin admits that she's been somewhat taken aback by the overwhelming response to her videos. "I think I misunderstood how beloved Beyoncé is," she told Esquire. "I think we're really on to something here." More videos are on the way. 

Check out Millin's version of "If I Were a Boy" and "Irreplaceable" below: