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Jai Paul is definitely working on an album

Producer Rodaidh McDonald tells Dazed that the Rayners Lane prodigy is currently in the studio recording his debut

We couldn't be more excited about this – Jai Paul is coming back. In a new interview with Dazed, XL's in house producer Rodaidh McDonald has revealed that the R&B/electronic artist is currently working on new material in the XL studios.

McDonald says: "I did something with him last week, some vocal production on a new song. We finished it, whether he wants to put it out or not I don’t know. It’s just a very long process for him I guess, he’s been working on (his album) for years. One of the things that I sort of identified was that he might benefit from some help using vocals. But his music sounds so good, he doesn’t need any help, I think he’s perfect."

Jai Paul emerged in 2011 with the glorious "BTSTU", a beautifully lazy R&B number layered with a "don't fuck with me" vocal, a message that would go on to embody the artist's reclusive persona. Beyoncé and Drake were both impressed enough to sample the song for their own tracks. A year later he released "Jasmine (Demo)" and the stage was set for the prodigious artist to drop one of the most anticipated records of the 2000s. But things didn't quite work out like that.

His unfinished "debut album" appeared on Bandcamp last year – a fragmented and unmastered collection of 15 tracks which nevertheless showcase the producer's incredible songwriting craft and unique, alien production style. Jai Paul claimed that the uploaded demos were the result of a stolen laptop and the music had been illegally leaked. Others weren't so sure – Crack In The Road did some serious detective work and found that the email address on the Bandcamp linked back to Jai Paul.

Publicity stunt, stolen laptop, a frustrated artist? Who knows. For more from Jai Paul, re-visit his only ever official interview, with Dazed in 2011.