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Stream PANES’ stormy debut EP

The London duo fronted by Neneh Cherry’s daughter Tyson McVey share an exploratory release

“In this dark, I’m far from calm”, Tyson McVey of London duo PANES sadly, sweetly sings in “Dust Becomes”, a track from their taut self-titled debut EP, premiered on Dazed today. Her caramel vocals are aptly stormy – and much like those of her Mum Neneh Cherry – on the four tracks, where her bandmate Shaun Savage’s sensitive production finds a snare patter hitting as hard as a bass boom. With its contorted, low-end layers, it’s pop that’s as rigorous as it is irresistible.

PANES play ACE Hotel Shoreditch on June 5 and pre-order the album (available May 19) here.